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What is Guerrilla Marketing?
Wikipedia sums it up nicely:
Guerrilla marketing is a concept of advertisement strategy designed for small businesses to promote their products or services in an unconventional way with little budget to spend. This involves high energy and imagination focusing on grasping the attention of the public in more personal and memorable level.
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And then… We do Cape Town!

Posted by Nadia Vatalidis on November 28, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on And then… We do Cape Town!
We celebrated 9 years this past October and yet, never really considered different regions for mainly two reasons – one, technology is king, and even though we place individuals right across the globe (yes…even in Italy), we never had the need to set up shop in a different region.  Secondly – it always felt like a dream-goal, not a realistic goal to have another branch. Well it seems now that we are entering our tenth year in 2015, two of our key employees changed that, with their strong need to live in the Mother City, Cape Town we are officially opening a small office in Cape Town.  This will ensure a value add to our existing Cape Town based customers as well as the potential to bring some new exciting employers (aka clients) on board.  Many will criticize, but we are not afraid of change and only time will tell how life (and business) pans out. I’m proud to be part of such a dynamic team; a team with needs to progress, grow, develop and always strive to explore. I wish my two colleagues and outright adventure and can’t wait to see Brighthouse making waves in the lovely Cape Town.

Tips for writing a winning CV

Posted by Brighthouse Consulting on August 20, 2014 in Blog | Comments Off on Tips for writing a winning CVStart by always ensuring your personal & contact details are updated and 100% correct. Provide additional contact numbers of relatives or spouses, should your number change and you can not be reached.Ensure all dates of employment and qualifications are correct and constantly updated (list all qualifications and courses completed and those that are in progress).Always provide detail of the actual responsibilities you had at each of your previous organisations (this is the most important part of the CV) and provide clear job titles and reasons for why you’ve left your previous employers. The best way to go about your listing responsibilities/ duties is by bulleting them, one after the other, starting with the most important aspects of your role first.Steer away from writing “story-type” sentences, get to the point and make an impact.If you have contracted for short periods at various organisations, combine that experience under one section and list all companies and roles that you had during that period.
On a final note, when applying for positions, be realistic! If you do not meet the requirements of the role and constantly apply for the same positions, you lose credibility. Should you have a definite interest in the position, rather call the agent that has advertised the role and find out whether you would qualify for that particular position.
Happy searching!

2015 has arrived! | Brighthouse Consulting

Posted by Nadia Vatalidis on January 5, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on 2015 has arrived!

We are back and so after spending some precious time in Augrabies (up North in South Africa, very close to the Namibian border), I realised with the beginning of the new year, it’s time to spend more time on actually living and less on surviving.
I somehow have gained some well needed humour during this trip, which I started losing towards the end of 2014. It took a while, but I realised with the increase in stressful situations (combined with home-renovations) and two toddlers, I definitely needed a break.
This is what I’ll be doing more of in the adventurous 2015:
• Focus on the exciting projects & challenges that my clients very often give me and continuously search for those that are slightly harder to gain.
• Adding actual value to those that engage with me….I want to move away from the word maybe and rather have definite direction & provide direction.
• Doing more star-jumps & handstands with my 5 & 2 year olds and not forget how to have outright fun (yes, handstands!
My wish to the world for 2015 is peace, fun & gratitude,
Let’s do this 2015….

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The Day To Day Of Dealing With Cancer

Cancer is a disease that many people survive these days. However, when you find out that you have it, you can feel upset and overwhelmed. You need to know though, that you can get through it, if you read the information below and view things a little differently.
The first thing that you need to do when you have cancer is to make sure that you keep all of your doctor appointments. Seeing your primary care physician, oncologist and other doctors regularly can help you to get better, and also can help you know how your body is doing. When you are aware of how your disease is progressing, you have the information you need to make better choices about how you are going to deal with it.
You also need to make sure that you have a support system in place. If you need to get chemotherapy treatments, for example, you may need someone to drive you to and from appointments. You may also need to have help with your day to day errands when you feel run down and ill. Your friends and family more than likely will be happy to take on the this possibility, but you need to share with them what you are feeling and what you are going through. It will likely also take some planning as well.
Another thing you need to do is to learn how to deal with your stress. If you have never dealt with stress well, now is the time to really learn. Take up yoga, meditation or other relaxing activities. Stress can only make your disease worse, so it is important for you to make sure you get some good coping mechanisms. When you are feeling less stressed, you are able to move on with your day and to see things more clearly, including your disease.
Find out as much about your cancer as you can. A lot of the fear people experience when they have cancer is due to the fact that they do not know very much about what is going on in their body. When you learn as much as you can, you will be able to think more rationally about what your body is going through, and how you can take steps to help your doctors treat you.
Join a support group. When you join a support group, you will be around people know exactly what you’re going through in a way that others don’t. You can get tips on how to deal with certain aspects of your life, and you can also get information that you may not have had otherwise. If you’re not comfortable going to support group in your local area, join an online forum. Online forums can be an easy way for you to talk to people in your position without leaving your house, and many times you can talk to someone any time of the day.
Cancer can be a challenge to deal with. However, so many people are beating it these days, and you can be one of them. You just have to make sure to keep things in perspective. Use the ideas here to help you.

Wall Street strategy to Forex

When investing in this strategy?
To implement this strategy is necessary is access to the indexes Dow Jones and Nasdaq 100 before the stock market opens in the United States. Basically the strategy using a Time Frame 30 minutes is to buy EUR / USD, GBP / USD, NZD / USD and AUD / USD if the indices are positive 30 minutes before the stock market opens or sell the pair EUR / USD, GBP / USD, NZD / USD and AUD / USD, if the futures indexes are negative 30 minutes before you open the bag. values.

When you do not invest in this strategy?
In case of observing that 30 minutes before the opening of the stock market one of the indices is positive and the other negative is better not to make any purchase or sale. For the strategy is likely is necessary that both indices are positive or negative.
How to handle the operation?
After opening a position it is recommended to take profits at +30 pips with a stop loss of -30 pips. You can also use a trailing stop of 15 pips, if some 30 pips to reach positivos.Esta strategy can be used throughout the week from Monday to Friday, always at the same time, ie 30 minutes before you open the bag values ​​taking into account the effect of this on the currency pairs lasts only 1 hour and 30 minutes but sometimes lasts throughout the trading day, so we must be vigilant. The stock market in the United States opens at 9:30 NY East Time. As with any strategy is good practice that before a demo to learn how to make adjustments before investing money.

Ingram Micro-Cover Plus Aircel Pack with Free handset Insurance Againts Accidental & Liquid damage for Mobile Price Range Rs.

Ingram Micro CoveNovor Plus Protection Plan Offers Insurance of handset covering accidental, liquid damage and Total Loss
·         The Plan also gives the following benefits –  Hungama,Premium Anti Virus suite from Trend Micro worth Rs 1800 , free 1 GB Prepaid 3G Data per month for three months from Aircel
·         The Ingram Micro Cover Plus Protection Plan can be purchased at the time of purchase of product or within 7 days, and is for a period of 1 year
·         Registration and activation of product is required within 7 calendar days of purchase of product. In case a customer fails to register and activate the Ingram Micro Cover Plus Protection Plan with 7  days from date of invoice of the phone, the plan will not be valid
Cover Plus Aircel Pack-MRP 499Aircel-1gb data for three months
2.  Hungama- Rs 400 worth download of audio and video
3.  Insurance-Free Insurance of handset covering accidental, liquid damage and Total Loss
AircelTo avail offer. Subscribers are required to SMS<10 digit promo code>given in the pack, to 121 to the get the benefitsEligible customers will get the applicable benefits which are part of the plan voucher selected by the customerBenefits applicable only where Aircel is present and on Aircel network only. Not applicable on Roaming.This offer is only applicable for prepaid customers of Aircel.
HungamaEach pack contains a unique product codeCustomer to visit-www.m.hungama.com/coverplus from mobile or www.hungama.com/coverplus from desktopCreate a user name and password, enter the UPC(Unique Product Code) in the fieldOn successful registration customer gets a flash message with offering
Trend MicroOn successful registration with Ingram Micro, customer to get e mail from Trend Micro with Unique CodeCustomer to download Trend Micro Mobile Security from Google Play StoreCustomer to use code received for activation of Anti Virus
InsuranceEach pack contains a UPCCustomer can register using the following method
Google Play Store- Cover Plus Ingram Micro
Web portal- www.ingrammicrocoverplus.com
Toll Free-1800-420-4664Use the UPC given in the packEnter personal detailsEnter invoice number and priceOn successful registration, customer gets an e-mail with Certificate of Insurance
Risk not covered
The Insurer shall not be liable for:
1.     Customer who have bought the pack, but did not register with Ingram Micro for Insurance.
2.     Theft & Burglary
3.     Loss or damage to the Gadget due to mysterious circumstances / mysterious disappearance or unexplained reasons.
4.     Loss or damage to the Insured Gadget due to perils other than the Insured Perils.
5.     Loss of Insured Gadget resulting from or caused by or attempted from unattended vehicles, but this exclusion will not apply to Insured Gadget kept in locked glove box or boot, or if the vehicle is locked.  Insurers shall also not be liable for Theft of Insured Gadget from unattended and unlocked house / apartment.
6.     Proven fraud or criminal activity in relation to this Policy on the part of the Beneficiary.
7.     Claim on Insured Gadget during the hire or loan of the Insured Gadget to a third party.
8.     Loss resulting to the Insured Gadget from detention or confiscation by customs or other government or public authorities.
9.     Any   failure of the Insured Gadget to operate as a result of problems with respect to the mobile network infrastructure, Beneficiary’s network subscription or similar telecommunication services related issues.
10.   Loss of or Damage to the Gadget that is registered in the name of a Corporate Entity and is not used by a bonafide user.
11.   Loss to the Insured Gadget arising due to any unlawful act or illegal activities (including criminal acts) of the Beneficiary and/or any person authorized by the Beneficiary.
12.   Consequential loss of any kind or description in relation to any Cover.
13.   Loss or damage caused to the Insured Gadget due to poor maintenance or mishandling of the Insured Gadget by the Beneficiary, wilful misconduct / negligence of the Beneficiary, incorrect storage, installation or incorrect set-up by the Beneficiary unless the Authorised Service Centre representative would confirm otherwise with due substantiation.
14.   Loss or damage as a result of attack by unauthorised software/virus, software faults  and  manufacturing defect owing to which a  gadget fails to operate
15.   Any loss to the Insured Gadget after the same is sold by the Beneficiary to any third party.Any consequence arising from war, war like operations (whether war declared or not), act of foreign enemy, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, insurrection, civil commotion, military usurped power, seizure, capture, confiscation, arrest, restraints and / or detainment by order of any government authority.
17.   Any loss to the Insured Gadget directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from ionizing radioactive or contamination by radioactivity from any nuclear waste from combustion of nuclear fuel.  For the purpose of this exclusion only combustion shall include any self-sustaining process of nuclear fission.
18.   Any loss, destruction, damage or legal liability in respect of the Insured Gadget directly or indirectly caused by or contributed to by or arising from nuclear weapon materials.
19.   Loss to the Insured Gadget due to reasonable wear and tear, moth, vermin or gradual deterioration, inherent defect or from any process of cleaning or unauthorized repairing or renovating or maintenance.
20.   Any type of self-repair or attempted self-repair of the Insured Gadget by the Beneficiary.
21.   Mechanical or electrical breakdown or electronic derangement or malfunction of the Insured Gadget, unless caused by any Insured Peril.
22.   Penalties of delay or detention or in connection with guarantees of performance or efficiency.
23.   Intentional overloading of the Insured Gadget.
24.   Loss or damage to the Insured Gadget due to any experiments or tests and/or alterations resulting into any abnormal conditions,.
25.   Cost of replacement of battery of the Insured Gadget, unless caused by an Insured Peril.
26.   Any damage or loss occasioned from any water borne craft, unless such damage is caused by the accidental ingress of liquid/water and/or any other accidental damage, and if the Beneficiary has taken reasonable care to protect the Insured Gadget from damage.
27.   Any manufacturing defect in the Insured Gadget which is expressly covered under Insured Gadget manufacturer’s warranty and such warranty is subsisting at the time of the respective Claim subsisting.
28.   Product defects in the Insured Gadget, not caused due to any of the Insured Perils, whether latent / inherent or not.
29.   Any loss of or damage to the SIM card / memory card of the Insured Gadget unless caused by an Insured Peril.
30.   Loss or damage to accessories other than the Insured Gadget (including the original battery provided with the same).
31.   Internal leakage of the battery, unless caused by an Insured Peril.
32.   Any Insured Gadget not purchased and / or repaired in India.
33.   Any loss the named Beneficiary may suffer or cost to the Beneficiary for:
1.        costs or charges when replacing car kits or car devices and other accessories which can no longer be used with the Insured Gadget;
2.        costs involved in returning the Insured Gadget for repair, or collecting the Insured Gadget once it has been repaired; and
3.        costs caused by the Insured Gadget being routinely serviced, inspected, adjusted or cleaned.
34.   Any loss related to indemnification for the Value added services other than provided under this Policy.
35.   Any loss while the insured gadget is in the custody of the ASC.
36.   The Insurer shall not be liable for any loss or damage Claim due to the inability of the Beneficiary to submit either of the Claim processing and Claim payment documents required by the Insurer for processing the Claim.
37.   The Insurer shall not be liable for the Claim if information in relation to such Claim has intentionally been withheld or incorrect information or misrepresentations have been intentionally given by the Beneficiary that are of material significance to the assessment of the Claim.
38.   Loss while the Insured Gadget is under the usage / handled by a child aged 5 years or less.
39.   Any scratches to the aesthetics of the Insured Gadget.
40.   Used phones / refurbished phones are not covered under this policy.
41.   The new replaced Insured Gadget shall not be a subject matter of this Policy, unless a premium has been paid on such replaced Insured Gadget.
Special Claims Conditions
·         In partial loss (Claims other than replacement of Apple gadgets) as defined under the definition of partial loss above,in case the part i.e. PCB (mother board or any chip there-off)or screen or charging & battery connectors, is not available, then the limit of liability shall be 40% of the sum insured less applicable excess as defined hereunder
·         For Apple gadgets (Mobile and tablets) -In the event of loss to any insured Apple Gadgets andif estimate provided by ASC is for replacement and not for repair, such gadgets shall be treated as total loss, wherein the loss amount payable shall be the replacement amount less excess and salvage. The replacement value shall be as per agreed value as declared by Authorized service center. Only one such claim shall be payable in the existing life of the policy and the policy shall cease to exist post such a claim’.The above special claims condition 1, shall not apply to the apple cases.
The Beneficiary (Policyholder) must do the following:-
·         Beneficiary to inform the Policy Holder within two working days of discovering of any loss covered under this Policy.
·         Beneficiary to submit claim form to the Policyholder along with all documents, specified in the claim form, within 15 working days from date of notification of the above mentioned incident.
·         Policy holder to intimate the claims to Insurer within two working days of receipt of intimation from Beneficiary. Policy holder to submit all the claims documents to Insurer within seven (7) working days of receipt of the documents from Beneficiary and/or ASC, as the case may be except any delay, of maximum two (2) working days, which has happened due to any event whichis beyond the reasonable control of Policy Holder.
·         Beneficiary to submit the Insured Gadget, to the Insurer through the Policy Holder. The same is optional though and subject to Salvage as mentioned under this Policy.
·         Policy holder shall request the ASC to co-operate with the Surveyor, if appointed.
·         The Policy Holder or beneficiary shall produce for the Insurer’s examination all pertinent documents, as specified in the Claim Form, and shall provide all reasonable co-operations to the Insurer in allmatters, pertaining to any Claims. Failure to comply with this condition may prejudice the Claim. Filing a false or a fraudulent Claim will invalidate the Claim and result in the Insurer rejecting the Claim and any other action deemed fit.
·         Subject to receipt of all the required documents in original from the Beneficiary, the Policy Holder shall forward to the Insurer such documents within thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of intimation from the Insurer of the acceptance/rejection of the Claim.
·         Failure to furnish all the desired claim documents in original within the 120 days from the date of intimation, by the Beneficiary, of the incident of loss shall invalidate the Claim.
·         All documents, affidavit information and evidence, as are to be provided by the Beneficiary under the Claim Form, must be provided at the Beneficiary’s expense in the form and nature required in the Claim Form.
In  any  action,  suit or other proceeding  where  the Insurer alleges  that by reason of the  provisions  of  the  exceptions or exclusions above, any loss, destruction, damage or liability is not covered by this insurance, the burden of proving  that such loss, destruction, damage or liability is covered shall not be upon the Policy Holder. The Beneficiary shall however be required to provide reasonable proof to show that the loss of or damage to the insured item was caused by an Insured Peril.

A Free term would run Insurance ratio is only easy to keep – afiliating de marketing

By on-line search for the life insurance, you can receive a free temporary life insurance quotation without obligation to the purchase. In order to receive the free temporary life insurance offer, you fill the form on the appropriate side of the life assurance company of website. They must guarantee that them honest answers to all the questions, around the life insurance it to need.
As soon as the enterprise receives your inquiry for a free temporary life insurance quotation, then an agent becomes carefully examines application and an email an offer to you based on the running time of the policy and the height death achievement. They should not support the offer receive you by from friend or another family member, because each particular in its their needs differently. Because you for low costs temporary life insurance, need you offers of at least three enterprises to request free of charge.
Temporary life insurance is only good for the life of the word. At the end of the running time, you have the possibility, in order to renew the policy, but you cannot received for the same free temporary life insurance quotation, as you with started. This is because of it, in your age surely changed and your needs regarding a regulation to have changed. However you want still the best prices possible to receive economically a temporary life insurance.
They do not have, in order to be with best health, in order to receive a free temporary life insurance offer. Indeed one knows economical life insurance, without receiving also only a medical examination. Even if you have life-threatening diseases to do, can you a free offer for temporary life insurance, but it cannot be able to hope the low costs temporary life insurance of you. This is because of it, you is into a higher risk category, there your chances to die within the running time is much larger. Even if the premiums are a little more highly, you some more, to pay so that for your family and for your funeral.